Why the COVID-19 Pandemic Might Actually Be Helping Your Dating Life

It Only Took a Major Health Crisis for People to Focus on Lasting Relationships

In an effort to stay busy amidst a global pandemic, many of us have resorted to something that’s always within arms reach: our cell phones. And in between celebrity stalking, Twitter scrolling, and eye-straining FaceTimes, the act of swiping on dating apps has filled the void left by this ongoing period of social distancing.

Many of these platforms have kept up with the times, updating their systems to support video chatting while encouraging new and safe ways to find your match without jeopardizing your health in the process. While the last few months have left many skeptical that they’ll ever find “the one” amidst a major health crisis, in actuality, COVID-19 has ultimately helped to pump the brakes on the act of serial dating.

While hookups are still possible, those who are used to moving from partner to partner can now take the time to slow their roll and reconsider their approach in this new, unprecedented state of the world we’re in. As for those who are regulars in the dating game, they can use this situation as an opportunity to weed out the good ones from the anti-maskers. Now is as good a time as any to put building a connection (albeit, virtually) at the forefront, especially as one-time in-person flings take a brief chill on the back burner.

So how does one really take advantage of dating in the age of coronavirus? Well, we’ll let the experts take it from here.

Curbing Casual Sex

There’s nothing wrong with a steamy fling, but right now, people aren’t super interested in risking their health for something that doesn’t allow for much connection. Instead of prioritizing pleasure, those still interested in dating are shifting their focus from…

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