Why ‘slow-dating’ has women more interested in making connections

Forced to engage with their Bumble matches from a distance, people are finding creative ways to connect during the challenging times of a pandemic, taking their time to get to know each other better.

For Udita Pal, a 24-year old entrepreneur and dog mom from Bengaluru, dating during the lockdown has been surprisingly smooth. Amidst the gloom and doom of the pandemic, her matches have found delightfully creative ways to connect with her. “One Bumble match sent me paints and art supplies. We made art and then had it delivered to each other!” she says.

But the real change in dating atmosphere, more than creativity, is in conversations. With the lockdown confining people to their homes for months, Indian women have found that conversations with their online dating matches have really flowed. “We are having long conversations and deep diving into hobbies, taking our time to get to know each other better,” Udita went on to say.

Several women echo this sentiment, finding that their dating prospects – who were usually trigger-happy in pushing to meet up in person as soon as they matched – became a lot more invested in getting to know them without actually meeting. For some women, this “slow-dating” felt safer. For others, it cut out the awkwardness of going on a first date before really knowing someone.

Amrutha, a 38-year old recently-separated banking professional from Chennai, explains that though lockdown dating hasn’t really changed all…

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