Why Does Finding True Love Seem So Difficult?

We come into this world with a predisposition to love and be loved. But then, why is finding true love so difficult when we’re adults?

Do we lose our understanding of love along the way? Do the experiences of life gradually jade us to the possibility of authentic love?

Finding true love and a committed relationship that can stand tests of time is rare.

A lasting loving relationship must be grounded in respect, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, fidelity, and safety. These are sustaining qualities of relationships, but rarely are we taught to look for them.

So, why does finding love seem so difficult?

We are taught, in general, to look for the superficial and fleeting qualities that foster attraction: Good looks, sex, money, and our desired lifestyle.

How can a person seek and find true love when the roadmap leads to these unsustainable quests?

Perhaps, the question isn’t so much, “Why is finding true love so difficult?” but, “Am I really seeking true love?”

If you’re setting off on a road trip, it makes sense that you have a destination in mind. Even if you’re open to wandering a bit and taking in unexpected points of interest, your journey is dictated by your intended destination.

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