Top 6 tips to improve your online dating game


So you decided to sign up to a dating platform after friends suggested this would be good for your love life? Since these outlets offer a convenient and often free registration procedure, surely it’s just a case of uploading your details and waiting for your inbox to be bombarded with messages? Actually, no. Nothing in life is ever that straightforward. Whether you’ve just joined Cupid dating site or have been into virtual matchmaking for a while, there are always ways to improve your dating game.

Make your biography compelling

What you need to keep in mind is how popular online dating has become. After taking out a membership you’ll find yourself in a highly competitive marketplace. You might find yourself drawn towards a particular site user, but any number of other singles will also be interested. Ensure your biography stands out. Don’t just list things – this isn’t a CV. Emphasise the exciting hobbies you have. Outline your character strengths. Instead of glib comments like ‘I’m a fun person,’ expand on your description. ‘I’m a fun person because I love sponsored abseiling.’

Ensure your profile photos stand out

The first thing anyone browsing your details will notice is your profile image. Don’t just upload a selfie. A degree of professionalism is required at this stage. You should always be smiling or alluring, and avoid distractions in the background. It would be preferable if this image was taken with a decent camera and of HD quality…

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