Rules are different for dating during a pandemic

A University of Miami expert explains the new conventions of courting in an environment where social distancing is mandatory.

In a world where a pandemic has imposed limitations on social interactions, people eager to find love are turning to different ways to meet partners. Although online dating is nothing new, COVID-19 has helped online dating platforms grow exponentially.

According to Brian Doss, associate professor of psychology at the University of Miami and an expert on couples’ therapy and romantic relationships, the uptick in online dating has changed the dynamics of how a relationship now flourishes.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has really sped up the online trend. Because it is difficult to meet in person, I think there’s going to be increased likelihood that people are spending more time in the early stages of dating through virtual dating platforms,” he explained.

Although circumstances may seem difficult for those looking for love, according to Doss, there are many benefits to starting a relationship online.

“In my opinion, you’re more likely to meet someone in an online environment because a person is able to develop more meaningful conversations. Whereas, if you’re meeting in person, physical attraction dominates, and in many cases, alcohol can influence your perception,” he said.

For those who turn to this way of dating, he explained that there are a new set of rules in the COVID-19 era.

“I think the most important thing is that people are on the same page. A conversation about health and safety, both for themselves and their family members, is being talked about early on. Discussions about the risks and responsibilities of wearing a mask are being negotiated before in-person meetings,”…
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