Popular Online Dating Apps by State

Dating apps are popular in every state – and becoming even more so. The successful use of a dating app doesn’t always come from choosing the most popular over all, but one that suits you.

That means considering it all – your personality, roots and where you’re from. A dating app should provide a successful outcome to your dating efforts, not just a waste of time on the internet.

You may not have thought about taking into consideration the state in which you live, but it’s becoming a trend that is worth looking at. The ranking of dating apps varies in each state.

For example, in one sampling by a marketing company, Match rated number one in 11 states, with Tinder a close second. But, Tinder came in number one in six states, while other states varied in their results.

California – a state that is proud of being different – loves the site, Coffee Meets Bagel. This app only provides matches once per day, so you’ve got time for other pursuits such as playing volleyball on the beach.

Another sunny state, Hawaii, also loves Coffee Meets Bagel. So you get the feeling that people in the sunshine states have much more to do than swiping their lives away. Huggle is another dating app based on location and is most popular in Florida.

Huggle specializes in matching you with others in your area, making it easy to meet and have something in common. In the conservative state of Kansas, EliteSingles came in first with its focus on refined relationships between professionals.

One surprise in the dating app study was Texas. HER, the dating app that’s extremely popular among lesbians came in number one – surely a shock to many in the Lone Star State.

Then, there’s the state of Nebraska – known for their negative attitude toward just about everything, the Hater dating app was the most popular. This app connects you with others who have a distinct dislike for the same things as you.

Gays in Nevada caused Grindr to go over the top in dating app ratings. Match went over the top in New York and Illinois and Hinge is top choice in Massachusetts. Some results were expected and some were complete shocks to those conducting the survey.

Choosing a dating app based on the popularity in your state isn’t the best way to choose which is best for you, but it’s interesting to see the variety and helps you understand what’s happening in your state.

Clearly, there are dating apps for everyone. To find the right dating app with you, read and research all you can about what the app offers and decide if it’s a good fit for you and your lifestyle.