Plum Online Dating App

Most people have heard of the Tinder dating app – whether you’re single or not. It’s has huge success among singles and has changed the way we seek others with similar interests for dating fun or long-term romance.

Before Tinder came along, singles had dating apps, but they required filling out long, drawn out profile information which was then matched by the app mostly on personality traits and not so much on appearance.

Tinder introduced the idea of swiping an image to show if you’re interested – or not. It’s a much more efficient way to match and reduce time wasted on the wrong people who have no physical attraction for you.

Swiping apps have also gotten a somewhat tarnished reputation for attracting flaky and dishonest users. Apps such as Bumble and Tinder base their success on securing an abundance of people rather than concentrating on true and good character.

But, taking the personality out of the equation can cause a litany of problems. It’s difficult to assess if someone is low quality and a real dunce without knowing their personality besides their looks.

Plum Is an App That Will Have an Uber Like Appeal

Now there’s Plum, a dating app that plans to change how we think of dating apps. In the beginning, women on Plum can rate men in a Uber-like fashion on the non-physical aspects of the guy they had a date with.

If the man is rated highly by women, he’ll be boosted in the Plum algorithm so they are in the front row of great-rated matches. You can only have up to five matches each day. This may limit the number of options, but can also make it easier for you to choose.

In the world of dating apps, Plum cuts out a lot of the frustration associated with online dating. It’s especially great for women who enjoy being able to make the first move or simply sit back and let the guy make the moves with the initiate and receive modes.

Men who are genuine will also enjoy the Plum connection site. They’ll be rated according to how they treat women rather than only their looks and will have much more of an incentive to turn on the charm when dating.

When rated highly, men will enjoy the surge of potential dating partners. Those who are rated low can use the time to think about how they can renew their efforts to build character that women are attracted to.

As an extra bonus and incentive, men can earn free subscriptions that are reliant on how much effort they make and their rating status. Men also enjoy it because Plum gives them a change to be interactive rather than be chosen based on only looks.

It’s difficult to make a true connection, but the emergence of various dating apps provides choices. Not every app will work for each personality, but at least there are lots of options.