Online Dating Sites for Farmers

Most people just don’t get how farmers live – at least that’s what farmers say about trying to date people outside the realm of farming. The farming lifestyle can be lonely. Living miles away from others and the hours they keep make dating difficult for farmers.

Farmers will also complain that city folks simply don’t understand the importance of farming and ranching and that becomes a big hurdle to meeting potential partners. Farming is hard work, but many lack respect for farmers because they don’t understand.

But, not everyone turns away from dating a farmer. Some actually romanticize the life by drawing pictures in their minds of drinking iced tea on the front porch, cute little baby animals and all the fresh veggies you can eat.

To add to the confusion about farming life, many television shows and movies have glamorized the daily routine to seem picture-perfect, leaving out everything in between such as the care and feeding of animals and the grueling hours of work.

Some farmers work as much as fifteen hours a day and haven’t had a vacation in years – not exactly a routine that city slickers with office jobs would enjoy. The isolation alone would make some people balk at becoming a farmer – or dating one.

Still, most farmers wouldn’t trade their lifestyles for anything and the farmer’s dating site attracts other farmers who are single, widowed and divorced as well as those who know what the farmer’s life is like and still long for it.

Just as many women as men are now choosing the farming and ranching life. Many have tried online dating, but find that there’s usually a lack of understanding about the lifestyle. The website is helping to dispel some of the expectations.

Men or women who expect their farmer date to be able to meet them for cocktails and dinner in the evening should know that s/he works most days until late evening and gets up before the sun. That’s a real damper for some relationships.

Don’t think of farmers and ranchers in a stereotype fashion. They’re as diversified as city-dwellers and the farmer’s website is for everyone – gay, lesbian and straight. The person who began the farmer’s dating website is against using the site for hookups though.

Companionship or just someone to chat with online is the main goals of the dating site. If marriage or partnership with a like-minded person results from subscribing to the site, that’s great too.

A dating site for farmers – – has paved the way for farmers and ranchers to meet those who understand their plight and welcome chatting with or dating someone who can appreciate the lives they live.