Online Dating Site Hinge

Digital dating websites have been around for a little while now, and there are many available for so many different demographics. There have been dating services with specific jobs, ages, and ethnicities in mind, and there have been plenty of more generalized services.

At this point, the market almost seems a bit oversaturated, especially with the presence of apps like Tinder or Bumble. However, a new dating app, Hinge, is making its own unique impact on the market.

One of the most exceptional parts of Hinge is the way it sets people up when they match. In conventional dating websites and apps, once you match with someone, one of you has to start up the conversation, hopefully by having some mutual interests in your bios that you can talk about.

This can lead to some dry conversations. Hinge has amended this problem by giving you prompts to answer that other users can see, which can quickly give them a sense of your interests, personality, and sense of humor.

Hinge also allows users to like certain parts of a profile when you view it, so if you really like someone’s favorite movie response, you can like that and have it as a bit of a talking point.

To help you narrow down your search results more efficiently, Hinge has a system in place that lets you filter out anyone with certain qualities, called Dealbreakers. For example, if you really only wanted to find people on Hinge who described themselves as “Christian,” then you could set religion as a Dealbreaker.

Once you set your religion as Christian, then the system will filter out anyone who doesn’t have the same response in that category. This is such a useful feature because with traditional dating apps and websites, you can only filter by so many things.

You might waste your time going on a few dates with someone only to realize that they have a quality that you really don’t like. By using Hinge, you can avoid that problem and get better results.

Hinge is free to use, but like many other dating services, allows you to access some premium features at a cost. The paid version doesn’t necessarily offer that much more than the free version, so it’s not like you’re at an extreme disadvantage by not paying. Premium members get access to more filters that you can apply and the ability to see who all likes their profile at the same time.