Is a Virtual Date Still a Date?

The world has been massively disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic over the past six months, and the dating scene is no exception — ask anyone who has debated meeting for socially distanced drinks with a complete stranger. Although singles are getting creative with ways to meet new people by replacing in-person first dates with Zoom, FaceTime and phone calls, some rude behavior unfortunately still remains.

While there’s almost nothing worse than being stood up for a real date — awkwardly sitting at the bar alone, checking and re-checking your texts to make sure you got the date, time and location correct — getting ghosted on a virtual meeting is up there. And sadly, from my recent experiences with clients, it’s happening far too often.

Just because a date isn’t in-person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t uphold your promises. If you make plans to chat on the phone or set up a Zoom meeting on a certain day and time, that commitment should be honored — plain and simple. It’s still a date.

Anyone who has experimented with online dates knows that there are advantages to the new way of doing things. You don’t have to worry about making reservations at a restaurant, no awkward “sorry, I hit traffic and can’t find parking” texts, and pajama bottoms are perfectly acceptable attire (as long as you make some effort on your visible outfit … and don’t stand up!). But at the same time, it’s still a date —  along with all the effort that typically goes…

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