If You Hooked Up With A Co-Worker & Now It’s Awkward, Here’s What To Do

Having a crush on a co-worker can be harmless fun — it can even help get you excited to hop out of bed and head into work in the morning. But acting on those feelings, well, that’s where it can become more than a little complicated. Once you’ve hooked up with a co-worker, things have the potential to get awkward really quickly. But hey, it happens, and even more frequently than you may realize, as Julie Spira, online dating expert and author of Love in the Age of Trump: How Politics is Polarizing Relationships, tells Elite Daily. “Hooking up with a co-worker is as common as sliding into someone’s DMs. If you see them every day, chances are you’re spending more time bonding with them than you are if you’re going on one date at a time with someone new,” she explains.

If it happens all the time, why can it feel so weird afterward? “It’s awkward because you’re changing the context of the relationship,” Diana Dorell, intuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, tells Elite Daily. “All of a sudden, you’re going from relating to them strictly on a work basis to something more intimate, and it becomes awkward when those lines and those boundaries are unclear or blurry or you’re not sure how they feel,” she says. The good news, Dorell shares, is that this is something you can fix after the fact. That process starts with some self-reflection and honesty about what you want from your co-worker — and what you don’t. Once…

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