Hater Online Dater App

Meet Someone Who Hates All the Same Things You Do

Could meeting someone who hates the same things you do be the answer to spice up your dating life? Now, we’ve got the Hater Dater App which matches based on what you hate in common rather than things you both like.

Today, there’s as much hate in the air as love – maybe more. The Hater Dater App uses an algorithm to find your true match based on the things you hate such as Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump or seafood and crowds.

Simply swipe on all the things you hate and be matched with one who shares your passion for what or whom you hate. Your swipes are anonymous and you’ll only be matched with someone who swipes the same as you.

The Hater Dater App claims they’re getting at the crux of a relationship by offering to get rid of all the mush that usually comes before a first date and knowing what really makes you tingle. After that, you can jump right in to meaningful conversations.

A Facebook account is required to use the app and it’s easy to use. If you can’t figure out what to say, there are hater cards to help. Simple play one and see what responses you’ll get.

Hater Dater App cuts through all the nonsense of meeting people and gets right to a subject you can both agree on – the things that causes your blood pressure to rise and your hate-ometer to soar.

It’s also a fun way to get to know people. If you’re not too serious about your hate issues, you can have lots of fun with the app while getting to know others who hate the same things you do.

The Hater Dater App is getting lots of press from such sources as Bustle, Business Insider, The View and Good Morning America. They’re calling it super addictive and a breath of fresh air over the boring dating apps such as Tinder.

Of course, the hater app may not tick all your boxes when you’re serious about finding someone who shares your same interests, but it is a fun, new way to begin a conversation with others.

Sharing your views with other, like-minded, people may not help you find the one you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with, but it’s a fun break from the same-old conversations you find on most dating apps.

The Hater Dater App must be ticking someone’s boxes because it’s the fastest growing app online today. Mark Cuban from Shark Tank recently endorsed the Hater app on the show and is using it himself. If you want to have some fun and express your views about things and ideas you truly dislike, Hater Dater App could be a fun choice.

Photo by lydia_shiningbrightly