Change Your Mindset and Achieve Anything

If you’ve read any self-help book, book on success or similar, then chances are that you will have come across this notion that you can get whatever you want from life simply by changing your mindset and changing the way you think. Can it really be so simple? How can your state of mind really affect your physical reality?

Actually, there are plenty of ways. Let me explain…

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the name of a theory that explains why some people get everything they want and other people just don’t.Essentially, this law states that ‘like attracts like’ and that ‘as you act, so you will become’. In other words, if you act like someone who is rich, then you will attract other rich people and valuable items. Eventually, you will become rich.

And if you act like the most capable and amazing person in your workplace, then other people will start to take you more seriously, give you more work and help you to become that most capable and amazing person.This is the law of attraction and although it might sound like magic, there is actually a very good explanation for how it all works.

You see, when you start acting more confident in your workplace by standing a little taller, by puffing your chest out and by talking more firmly to people, you will find that other people pick up on that and they start to see you as a more confident person.

When someone sees you as being more confident in the workplace, they will instantly begin to see you as being more capable. And when they see you as being more capable, they will of course be more interested in working with you and offering you important tasks to be responsible for.

The same goes for wearing a nice suit. If you look like someone who takes care of themselves, like a professional, like someone who a company would be happy to speak to clients on their behalf… then you will be given more work as a result. How about acting wealthy? Well, one example of how this works is that people will notice your new more ‘premium’ taste and they will respond by giving you more valuable and expensive gifts – it really is that simple!

Acting wealthier and believing yourself to be can also again help others to want to work with you and invest in you and it can give you the confidence you need to take smart financial risks. The first step to becoming, is believing. It sounds corny but it is completely true.

Understanding Perception

Another thing to consider is how our perception of reality completely changes our subjective experience of this – and therefore the outcome. What do I mean by this? Simply that what you experience is actually less important for your state of mind than what you believe.

For example then, if you were to come face to face with a lion in the woods, there would be a good chance that you’d see your heartrate jump up sharply, your breathing become faster and shallower and your blood start rushing to your muscles, your eyes and your brain. This is what we know as the ‘fight or flight response’.

But what if you see the lion but don’t believe in the lion? What if you think the lion is animatronic? Then none of those changes will occur and you’ll remain entirely calm. The thing to remember is that many of the things we encounter in our daily lives are just like those lions.

When you encounter a challenge in the work place, a difficult friend or partner, or financial troubles. You can choose to see it as a lion, or you can choose to see it as no big deal.These strategies allow us to actively change the way we think about challenges, about ourselves and about our situations – and thereby to achieve incredible things and even completely remove fear!

Positivity and Belief

Finally though, what’s also highly important is that we have positivity and belief in what we’re doing. Positivity is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal and can help you to take chances, challenge the system and generally make waves.

If you are a pessimist with low self-esteem, is it like that you’ll set up your own business? No. If you’re someone who is afraid to take chances, then how likely is it that you’ll end up quitting your job and going travelling? Not very!
Too many of us are simply beaten down by our circumstances and our upbringing and we believe that the best way to get by is to stay quiet and try not to rock the boat.

The reality though is that you need to take chances and risks in order to truly live. Would you rather fail at doing something amazing, or succeed at doing nothing at all? And in order to take that leap, we need to change your mindset.