An Introvert’s Guide To Online Dating

14 years ago, when I was just a high school student, I first learnt what a crush means.

Feeling giddy at their presence, wanting to be near them, longing to talk to them, blushing and smiling at the mere thinking of them, were some of the nice moments indeed.

However, 2 years passed and I never could gather courage to confess to my crush, just because I was too scared and super introverted.

3 years after high school I found out what online dating is, and since texting was always easier for me than talking in real life, I found this method of initial dating to be quite easier.

I have been in and out of different dating apps for different lengths. The last time I installed Tinder was 2 years ago, where within 4 days, I found my current partner. So, I guess, from a shy introverted kid who couldn’t confess to their childhood crush, I have gained enough experience in Online dating to quickly find a good partner and to guide other introverts like me on what to do.

Anyways while all of this depend on you being at the right place at the right time, this guide will help you to be there to find the right person as well.

I remember how I was trying to make up my mind to install a dating app. I was not sure if that was the correct thing to do. “Am I going to get in trouble, am I going to get scammed, or am I doing an indecent thing?” I thought.

In reality, as long as you are over 18 and/or…

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