Woman Explains Why You’re Doing Tinder All Wrong

Online dating can be divisive at best and a tricky minefield at worst, and that’s once you’ve managed to secure yourself a date. For some, attracting matches and engaging in some light-hearted conversation is but a pipe dream, and their bio could be to blame.

Your dating profile, inclusive of bio, is the only thing you can rely upon to sell yourself to potential suitors, and if you don’t make an immediate impression on women swiping their way through – sometimes surrounded by opinionated friends – then you can consider yourself confined to constant rejection.

But what exactly is it that you’re doing wrong? After all, you may feel your bio is perfect and sells you in the most accurate way. According to this Reddit thread, that may not necessarily be the case. Reddit user ‘inspowoah’ claims to come across “too many guys, attractive or not, with awful photos and/or equally bad bios.”

“I’m not saying my bio is the best or that my pictures are either. But at least you can see my face, and tell the profile belongs to me.”

“I totally understand if you don’t have many pictures, i only started taking pictures of my self recently, but it’s not hard to fix your hair, put on a smile, find some good lighting and finally take a photo.”

But even with your photos fixed and with no reference to your 2015 lads trip to Bali, what you write in your bio can also have a profound effect on whether you win a right swipe or not, at least, according to…

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