What is wokefishing, the latest online dating deception?

If you are confused about the whys and wherefores of online dating, you’re not alone.

First we had “catfishing” (assuming a false identity online); “kittenfishing” (misrepresenting your age using old profile photos); “blackfishing” (pretending to be a person of colour); “hatfishing” (wearing a hat in online photos to conceal a receding hairline) and even “sadfishing” (making exaggerated claims about emotional problems to generate sympathy from others).

And now from the darkest corners of the Bumbleverse comes another madcap way to masquerade online: “wokefishing”.

Has your potential paramour pretended to be vegan, or professed himself a staunch feminist? Has she added #BlackLivesMatter to her dating profile, or declared her pronouns as she/her in an act of trans solidarity? Congratulations: you appear to have found yourself a socially progressive, liberal, sex-positive match.

The problems arise when you find out that these gestures are all for show, designed to lure the interest of potential lovers. Scratch the surface beyond their cuddly hashtags, and they hold deeply racist/sexist/conservative viewpoints.

Despite blacking out…

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