Two-Thirds of People Say This Is a Dating Dealbreaker

There are a lot of serious relationship dealbreakers to discuss in the early stages of dating. Inquiring about your partner’s desire for marriage, kids, and travel will help ensure you two are on the same page and have the potential to live a harmonious life together. There are other dating dealbreakers, however, that can be just as important although ostensibly much less serious. According to a recent poll conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ultimate Ears, 2 in 3 people say that bad music taste can be a dating dealbreaker.Picture this—you’re a few months into dating, and you decide to take a road trip together. Your partner gets control of the music and plays back-to-back artists you hate for the entire four-hour ride. You may not have guessed that music compatibility would be so vital to the well-being of your relationship, but it can easily be a make-or-break component.

Perhaps opposing music preferences is seen as such an immovable issue because most people believe good music taste is either something you have or you don’t. According to the poll, 3 in 5 say they were born with good music taste.

Musical preference is a highly intimate matter, as music can be a great comfort through all your moods, so if your partner dislikes your music, it may feel very personal. To avoid confronting this dealbreaker head-on, some poll members even admitted to being dishonest about their taste in music. Of…

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