The One Thing Your Date Is Lowering Their Standards on This Year

At the onset of the pandemic, it seemed certain that quarantine would shift the way people date. In the early months, a rush of people joined dating apps and began taking part in virtual dates in lieu of meeting at a bar and grabbing drinks. But it’s not just logistics that have changed—it’s also priorities. Data from Match’s Oct. 2020 annual survey found that many singles have new ideas about what’s important in a potential partner. Most significantly, the study found that almost half of daters said that physical attraction is less important to them now than it was pre-pandemic. Read on to find out what’s behind the shift, and if you need help on the apps, learn The One Word You Should Never Include in Your Online Dating Profile.

When seeking a partner for the end of the world, it makes sense that your priorities might evolve. According to the survey, about 45 percent of respondents said they are putting less emphasis on physical attraction than they were prior to the pandemic. Perhaps this is because more than half of participants (52 percent) said the pandemic prompted them to re-evaluate the things they had down as “musts” on their dating checklist. This led many users to be more open to different types of partners when scrolling through dating apps.

And more people than ever are looking for love, with 53 percent of respondents saying they got more serious about their search for a partner during the pandemic. That alone could have led many users to look past a…

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