The Biggest Dating Mistake You’re Probably Still Making, Experts Say

Practice makes perfect, the saying goes, but that’s not always the case with dating. Old habits can be hard to break, but establishing a satisfying dating life means acknowledging past mistakes and moving on from them. So what’s the biggest dating mistake many people continue to make over and over again?

“Trying too hard to impress,” says Connell Barrett, a dating coach and the founder of Dating Transformation. “It can come across as needy.”

Beyond that, it’s really not even necessary—and while older singles might think they’re an exception to this rule, this experienced category of daters is actually the best positioned to show off exactly who they really are without trying too hard.

“By the time you’re north of 40, you’ve accomplished a thing or two, from raising a child to building a career,” Barrett. “This can take the pressure off on a date. It lets you focus on expressing your true self, rather than trying too hard to impress. An effective dating strategy: express, don’t impress.”

If you’re wondering what else might be holding you back, read on for more dating mistakes the experts say you’re still making. And for more insight into the wide world of dating, check out these 20 Dating Secrets Women Will Never Openly Acknowledge.

At one time in online dating, it might have been acceptable to trade lots of lengthy messages before meeting someone. “But in the Tinder age, where people have so many…

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