Short King Dating Aims to Connect Smaller Guys With People Who Appreciate Their Height

One of the worst-kept secrets of the online dating world is that people are more superficial online than they are in real life, and many, many shorter men have been promptly nexted when the dreaded topic of height comes up. What’s a guy to do when passed off for something he has no control over?

After suffering years of rampant heightism, along with the insecurity and heartbreak that comes with it, shorter guys finally have a safe place to date: Short King Dating.

Short King Dating is brought to us by the same people behind the clothing company Ash & Erie, whose mission is to make clothes that flatter and complement the look of shorter men, and they’ve taken that same energy into dating, a sphere where the most flagrant anti-short sentiment thrives.

As co-founder Steven Mazur put it, “We want to make sure that shorter guys know that they do deserve the confidence that everybody else has. They deserve to be super confident in who they are, regardless of height, regardless of anything else that’s really out of their control.”

The app works by being upfront about its intentions, noting that only men (sorry, short kings!) 5’8 and under are allowed on the app, as well as the people specifically seeking a shorter partner. No more height requirements, no more April Fool’s jokes about height verification, and no more being ghosted the minute your match…

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