Online Dating Profile Tips

When you’re creating your profile for an online dating site, you may be one of the many who throws in a few false facts to try to spruce up the appeal of your profile to the men or women you’re targeting.

There are some things you should also leave out if you want to make a good first impression. It doesn’t mean you have to lie about who you are or what you believe, but sometimes it’s best to present yourself with your best foot forward in the beginning.

First, try not to sound like a bitter, soured person who is already burnt out on the opposite sex. If you had a bad experience with your boyfriend, don’t sound like a man-basher in your profile. No men will want to take on someone who has that much baggage following them around.

Negativity in general is a turn off for many people. If you hate the traffic, hate the weather, hate your job, and hate your life – what is there to like about you? The people you encounter on online dating sites don’t want a fixer-upper – they want someone compatible with their own personality.

Even if you’ve been plagued by bad first dates with other dating site members, don’t focus on what went wrong, but find the silver lining and talk about the details you did appreciate – even if it was just a learning experience.

Try to stand out from the crowd. Cookie cutter profiles are a turn off and if you don’t give the reader anything unique, how are they supposed to be impressed enough to choose you from the masses?

How many times have you read, “I love candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach?” Don’t be boring! Instead of candlelight dinners, be specific and say, “I love Mortini’s Italian Restaurant because the host always gives me the best seat in the house and their Alfredo Sauce is to die for!” This gives them insight into your personality, but it also lets them envision their first date with you.

To really spruce up a profile and take out everything a prospective partner doesn’t want, try to be specific about who you’re seeking in a mate. Make sure they know you’re flexible, if you are, but don’t just say, “I like a sense of humor” if what you really mean is, “I’m sarcastic and love someone who can give as good as they get with me.”

This helps remove the possibility that those you won’t be compatible will contact you and wind up being a waste of your time. Be sure to find people whose profiles you respect and emulate their success by substituting your own facts and outlook on life and soon, you’ll be seizing the opportunity to have a first encounter with someone new.