Online Dating Apps Based on Politics

Internet dating sites are becoming truly amazing. In this era of heightened political awareness, you can now join a dating site that filters out the parties opposite to your beliefs.

There are dating platforms for farmers, vegetarians and avid travelers – now there are dating sites that attempt to pair singles with likeminded political viewpoints. In today’s politically-charged environment, these sites can help to ensure political chemistry.

The past election seasons have left some feeling polarized and ostracized from possible dating partners that don’t share their beliefs and concerns. Conservatives would rather not date at all than to meet up with a Bernie supporter – and vise-versa.

Political viewpoints even cross national boundaries such as that which separates those in Canada from wanting anything to do with the political climate of America – namely, the Trump presidency.

Political Dating Sites That Filter Out the Opposite Party

A dating site called Maple Match makes it possible for Americans to find a way to leave the States by finding the ideal match in Canada. True, it sounds a bit drastic – but not too much for some people.

Better Together is a dating site that targets Brits after Brexit. Whether you’re celebrating or regretting the result of the vote, Better Together helps bring people together by focusing on getting through the aftermath rather than drowning in the results.

Conservatives Only is a political dating site successful in its own right, especially since the election that put Trump in the White House. The site has existed for quite a while, but has experienced a surge of activity since the presidential election.

Another political dating site that doesn’t simply lean toward one candidate or another is Liberal Hearts. Left-wingers and progressives enjoy getting to know each other in a friendly setting. And, the site sends most of its funds to such organizations as ACLU.

During Bernie Sanders campaign for the presidency, Bernie Singles was launched as a dating site to encourage Bernie supporters to keep campaigning even after the election was over and to inspire others to adopt their vision of the future.

Other political dating sites didn’t start out as political, but developed into them along the way. Bumble is known as a site that’s friendly to women and has recently included a filter to sort members along party lines. It encourages serious or lighthearted comments.

If you’re a passionate Libertarian, look no further than Libertarian Passions to find the perfect partner for your political views. The National Libertarian Party has nothing to do with the dating site, but the site does adhere to their policies.

No matter what your political passions, you should be able to find an online dating site that can help you meet others who share your ideas – if you want to use that criterion for dating.