Older Americans say looks become less important in dating as we age

Older Americans are ready for love — and three in 10 searching for romance would consider going on a dating show for seniors, according to new research.

The study of 1,000 Americans over the age of 50 found one in four have gone on a date with a new potential partner and one in five feel like they’re in their sexual prime now.

When it comes to the best methods to meet someone, half said through friends and 43 percent have searched online.


Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Because Market, a personal care marketplace especially for seniors, the survey revealed two in five confessed to being more nervous for their first date when they were older than as a young person.

Results also found the key aspects of attraction have changed for respondents over time.

Three in four said physical attraction was important to them as a young person looking for a partner, but now kindness ranked the highest with 79 percent.

Politeness rose in importance as people grew older, as did personality.

Seven in 10 respondents in a relationship or married said they’re happier than they’ve ever been in their current relationship.

There are also some matters that older Americans have to consider on the dating scene today: 32 percent think dating is different now because personal care products can be a sensitive topic.

Thirty-nine percent of all respondents felt there are some aspects of aging that are too embarrassing to talk about — and over a quarter said there are certain things about aging they withhold from their children.

Without anyone to talk to, 27 percent said they struggle to find personal care products for their age group, needs and lifestyle.

Two in five (42 percent) have suffered from bladder leakage or incontinence and of those, 48 percent don’t feel they can talk about their experiences with anyone.

Thirty-eight percent are…

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