Mental Health And Online Dating

There are many things today that can affect mental health, and it’s recently been discovered that the use of digital dating tools can also be a culprit. Since dating apps are now a normal part of the dating scene, it’s good to know how you may be affected.

The ability to swipe photos or profiles that aren’t attractive or rate them with a like or dislike can wreak havoc to your self-esteem. Singles bars and mixers used to meet others in the past tended to be superficial and only focused on looks and conversation.

Today, the digital dating tools used to meet others can rapidly become very personal and sometimes hateful in nature. This can cause mental health issues such as a decline in personal value and self-esteem.

Besides the regular types of rejection such as not getting a response to a message, there is the problem of being ignored or swiped away on a regular basis. Rudeness may also occur online much more than in brick and mortar dating sites.

The demoralizing effects of online dating sites are obvious and the results are beginning to show in responses of those who use the sites. One common technique that’s often used on dating sites is called ghosting.

Ghosting happens when a person you’ve been communicating with abruptly ends the progressing online relationships without explanation. This experience can be dehumanizing and affect the way you see yourself.

Also, meeting in person can be traumatic if the experience doesn’t go the way you visualized it. It may make you question how you look and interact with others and cause your self-esteem to lower a few notches.

Online dating may also cause you to question yourself about any connections you make on the dating app. The superficial nature of dating sites tends to lack meaning and depth and add to what is becoming a throwaway society.

It may also lead to anonymity and deceit because it’s so easy to be untruthful. Whereas in the past, we socialized at parties, met through friends and church or clubs where we had similar interests, online dating makes it easy to remain anonymous.

This type of dishonesty and treachery can lead to mental health issues. Self-doubt, emotional distress, fear of rejection and less trust in others can cause your psychological well-being to suffer.

While dating apps serve a purpose of connecting people who may come from different worlds and are possibly isolated and lonely, you should be aware of the other side of dating apps that could damage your sensitivity.

The bottom line with dating apps is that you should proceed with caution. Research those available to you and don’t settle on one until you know what you’re getting in to. There is good and bad in virtually everything – including digital dating tools.