Matchmaking vs Online Dating

When it comes to dating services, there are two main categories that you can use which dictate differently in how you match with people. On one hand, you have matchmaking services, where a human being connects two people.

On the other hand, you have apps and websites that are used by the individuals themselves to connect through algorithms and other criteria that helps them weed out people who aren’t a good fit.

Going to a matchmaker service means you’re getting the most hands on involvement by a third party who is cherry picking potential dates for you. They’re way more expensive than a site or app, but the clientele might be more upscale, too.

Most people won’t even step foot in ma matchmaking service. Instead, they’ll use sites and apps where you choose which people you like based on their profiles, typically by searching or swiping through them.

A matchmaking service will typically have you come into the office after filling out a general profile questionnaire. Then you’ll meet with the matchmaker and interact for more information on what it is you’re looking for.

The service will then sort through their prospects and find a match for you to meet up with. This isn’t an instant process and sometimes takes weeks or months to finalize. Dating sites and apps are faster and you’re in control the entire time.

Both have the potential to be hit or miss for you in terms of setting you up with the right person. You might find someone you really adore or might be disappointed with the selections being made for you – whether it’s a person or an algorithm doing the work.

With apps and sites, there’s never any confusion as to why you matched with someone or how, because you were the one that chose it. This also adds a bit of a personal element to it, since you and another person both saw each other’s profiles and thought they’d be a good match.

Of course, with going through these profiles, you’ll inevitably run into some problems. By having to pick and choose all of the profiles you scroll through, you can only go through so many in a day.

You can use some of your downtime to go through potential matches, but if you’re doing anything else, you have to set it aside. One solution to get more matches is to quickly like all of the profiles you come across, but that might get you some matches that you don’t want.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing inherently wrong with trying both a service and a site or app out. You’re not limited to just one dating service that you can use, so it’s recommended that you try a bit of both to see which one works out better for you.