It may be a good idea to take a break from the dating scene

I was searching for a client on recently, looking for men in her age range whom she might like to send a message to, and I came across this profile below (written verbatim):

“I’m tired of being rejected on this site by conceited, snobbish women who proclaim they are looking for an honest, humorous man, when in reality all they are really looking for is a man who has money. The code word they use is “financially secure” or “independent.” I’m a good man. I don’t play games. And even though I live in the Bronx, I am not poor, as most of these women assume I am. I consider myself married once, but my finance [sic] died after living with her for 10 years. I really consider myself a ‘widower’ for those among you who wonder why I was never married. But there was no category for that here, so I checked “never married.” I’m looking for a serious relationship, eventually turning into marriage. I’m tired of being alone, and I’m tired of rejection. Am I too ugly for these women? They think they are all God’s gift to men. They post 1 or 2 fuzzy photos and think that’s enough. They try to fool you mixing in 10-20 year old photos. I keep seeing the same women when I do a search. Where are the new ones? Are there any good women left in this world? Let me hear from you.”

There is so much I want to say about this atrocity of a profile, but the thing I want to focus on is knowing when it’s time to take yourself out of circulation for a bit.

This man is venting. That’s clear. He’s…

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