How To Slide Into Someone’s DMs & Get Them To Notice You

This involves some common sense.

You probably already know that DMs stand for “direct messages,” so when you “slide into DMs”, you want the other person to notice you and correspond with you.

In my psychotherapy practice, young adults between the ages of 16 and 26 with a range of problems meet with me to talk about their relationships.

Many of them use online methods to connect with a potential partner and want to know how to slide into DMs and get noticed.

In modern dating, everyone wants to know how to slide into someone’s DMs and get noticed.

Romantic relationships — hookups, friends with benefits, dating, and even polyamory — are a big part of our conversation.

After all, being in a relationship is an important part of healthy development, and of life. Nonetheless, relationships can be challenging to navigate. That is a universal truth.

Dating and getting into a relationship can be difficult for everyone.

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Photo by Hollywata