How To Protect Yourself On Dating Apps

“Unfortunately, people have to be a little bit more guarded and cautious in general when looking to dive into the online dating world,” Lysn psychologist Nancy Sokarno tells marie claire. Below, she shares the dangers that come with online dating, and how to properly protect yourself.

Things To Consider Before Online Dating

Personal Protection: “Online dating can sometimes create a virtual world where it might seem as though you know someone well, when in actual fact you may only be getting to know a curated version of a person,” says Sokarno. “Don’t ever rush to meet a person in real life, until you are sure you know who they are.”

Catfishing; Catfishing refers to a type of online fraud where a cybercriminal creates a false identity for the purpose of stealing from or exploiting the victim. “The persona you have met online could be a complete fabrication, be wary with details,” says Sokarno. “If something feels wrong about it, flag your concerns.”

Privacy: When it comes to information you choose to share via dating apps, consider whether you are sharing your details too quickly. “Think twice before sharing your full name, address details, images of yourself and never ever give out financial or banking details,”…

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