How to create an online dating profile that attracts 93% more matches

Dating has changed a lot since the outbreak of coronavirus, moving a lot more online than ever before. Psychologist Dr Amantha Imber explains how to increase your likelihood of finding success on dating apps through certain profile tweaks.

Single people have never been more reliant on online dating than they are now. Thanks to COVID-19, the days of walking into a crowded bar and easily meeting people seems like an eternity ago.

Wearing a mask and keeping 1.5m apart in potential meeting places doesn’t quite have the same appeal.

While creating an online dating profile that leads to more matches may seem like it just comes down to what you look like, there are several strategies you can use to boost your chances of finding a great partner.

Include at least three photos in your profile

According to Lucille McCart, the country lead for Bumble in Australia, users that have three to six photos get 93 percent more matches.

McCart explained on the How To Date podcast, “If you’ve just got your two best photos on there, even if you look absolutely fantastic, you’re still not going to get as many matches because people are really looking to see a variation of different things.”

Selecting photos that show you doing things that you love is a great way to get variety.

Be deliberate with the photos you choose

In addition to having a range of photos, selecting the optimal ones matters a…

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