Free Online Dating Sites vs Paid

As with all apps and businesses, online dating tools still aim to turn a profit, even though their apps are free. In order to do this, they’ve added paid upgrades that you can get in order to give you a bit of an advantage in the online dating community.

These upgrades can help you get more frequent and better matches, allowing you to find what you’re looking for quicker. The first upgrades that you can look at come from Tinder.

Despite being a free app, Tinder is one of the highest grossing apps on the iOS app store. Using the basic, all free version of Tinder can certainly still get you matches, but Tinder does offer a few upgrades that you can buy to put yourself ahead of the game.

Tinder offers two main paid versions of their app: Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. They both allow you to swipe on as many profiles per day as you’d like, whereas in the free version, you can only swipe so many times a day before you run out.

They also allow you to undo a swipe, just in case you accidentally liked or disliked someone you didn’t mean to. Another advantage they have is that you’re not limited to just the people around you.

You can swipe on people from anywhere around the world. The main difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus is that Gold allows you to see who likes you before you swipe on them.

This helps you see if someone is already going to be matched with you if you like them. Bumble, an app very similar to Tinder, has also made good profits from using a similar system.

With the base version of Bumble, you already have unlimited swipes, but one of the differences it has from Tinder is that matches can expire after 24 hours if nobody talks or makes the first move.

Bumble offers a service called Bumble Boost, which allows you to match with someone again if your match expired, and also allows you to extend your match past the 24 hour mark.

Bumble Boost offers a similar service to Tinder Gold by showing you which people have already liked your profile, allowing you to go through and quickly match with them. This helps boost your chances of getting matches without having to blindly like every profile you see hoping for a match.

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