Facebook for Online Dating

America will soon have a new online dating app launched by Facebook. It’s a service that’s now being offered in Colombia, Canada and Thailand and promises to be the latest and greatest trend to help people find their soulmates.

Users of the new app will need to create a new profile, separate from the one that is used for friends, family and acquaintances. None of your dating information will be shared through your other Facebook profile news feed and vise-versa.

Facebook also promises that they won’t try to match you with anyone on your other account – including those you may have blocked. But you might also give someone a second chance with the Second Look feature on the Facebook app.

This gives you a way to interview someone a second time that you may have initially rejected initially. You can also stop the matching at any time for any reason. You may have found someone you want to date exclusively or just want to get out for a time.

Another feature lets you hide people from others on your suggested matches list from viewing. This includes particular friends or friends of those friends. Facebook got the idea to open their dating app from looking at actual statistics.

People who use Facebook were using it to connect with old friends and make new ones. Romantic type relationships sometimes formed within the groups of people who listed themselves as single.

With over 200 million people listing themselves as single in the relationship status option, Facebook has seized the opportunity to now help people realize their dreams of meeting that special someone.

Facebook Groups and Facebook Events are just two of the options available when people sign up for the Facebook Dating app. This helps singles find those who have similar dating preferences and could possibly find someone initially overlooked.

Singles on Facebook can begin conversations with others by choosing another user’s profile and commenting on something rather than simply copying and pasting a pick-up line.

Popularity of the original concept of Facebook has proven itself. Now, the new concept of using it to find dating partners promises to add some fresh spice into the world of dating and give singles yet another option in the vast choices of dating apps.

Although Facebook Dating app is now in the testing stages, perspective users in America will have to wait until there are enough signed up in Canada and Thailand to make an assessment of its success.

The Facebook Dating app will only be available to users in America who are over 18 years of age. As of now, there is no new information about when the Facebook Dating app will be available in America.