Educated Singles are seeking new exclusive online communities after COVID-19

COVID-19 has closed down social life as we knew it in many parts of the world. Educated Singles who traditionally work a lot want to spend their free time with like-minded individuals.

Swiping through thousands of photos in the search for the next date appeal to many people but not the well-educated singles. They are far more demanding.

The thrive for authenticity, quality and exclusiveness has led to a surge in members in The Educated Singles Club, which is very different from a tradition dating site. For many members of The Educated Singles Club finding a date is not the first priority. Instead, it can be finding other singles with common interests, views on life or similar profession or education. That unique approach opens the opportunity to become attracted to another person both intellectually and emotionally and not just physically but looking at a photo. Furthermore, the members have all the time they…

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