Digital dating – how to find a lasting relationship online

How do you form a lasting connection through virtual dating?

“One thing that ends many potential connections before they’ve barely had a chance to get off the ground is a lack of eye contact via video. Digi-daters report that holding an electrically charged gaze is one of the best ways to gauge whether there’s chemistry during a call, yet so many people trip up here: they end up self-consciously checking themselves out on screen instead of their possible partner, anxiously spying on how their hair or face looks. It’s definitely worth practicing how best to use your “windows to the soul” while you’re using Windows! According to body language expert Adrianne Carter, nine seconds is the optimum time to hold sultry eye contact, before it becomes a staring competition!

“If you find someone who you have the hots for, don’t feel you have to play it too cool with them: a third of people say they find it really encouraging if a cyber date suggests another rendezvous before the current date has finished, and that it gives a good impression that their match isn’t afraid of lasting, loving connections. Taking the reins to arrange a date and time, and suggesting innovative themes or ideas like a virtual cocktail-making class, cooking in tandem or playing an online game all help let someone know you see them as “potentially something that could last” rather than “this is the last time you’ll hear from me!”. Successful online dating frequently…

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