Best Online Dating Sites for Gamers

There are a lot of popular stereotypes that surround gamers and gamer culture, but the most prominent one by far is that they’re anti-social. This isn’t exactly true. There are many gamers who are social, but just in different ways than other people.

A significant portion of the population may be introverted, but as humans, they still crave some social interaction, and that includes dating. Luckily, there are quite a few websites available that allow gamers to connect with one another if they’re interested in a relationship.

What Are the Best Dating Sites for Gamers?

One of the most popular sites is simply called GamerDating. GamerDating is much like a typical dating service website, but with a ton of features that make it specific to gamers.

It’s free for the basic account, but by paying for an upgraded subscription, you get added rewards like some free games. When you make your account, you still add in the basics like your location, age, name, and all that, but you can also display a library of games.

If you find that you and another person have a similar library or share some games, you can exchange usernames and play together, giving you an easy way to connect quickly. Another popular option is SoulGeek.

SoulGeek is a bit more generic with its audience, expanding beyond gaming to more of the general geek culture. This includes all different kinds of fandoms, from different TV shows, movies, comics, cosplay, and of course, gaming.

It gives you a wide array of personal information to put in, such as your lifestyle, your regular style, your specific nerdy interests, what you’re looking for in a partner, and more.

This gives you way more opportunities to connect over all kinds of things that you might share interests in that can expand a bit beyond gaming. Finally, you can always use regular dating websites.

Gamer culture is a lot more diverse and widespread today than it ever has been, and it’s fairly common nowadays to find someone who’s either interested in video games or at least nerdy culture.

Popular online services like OkCupid or Match give you lots of options for the kind of person you’re looking for, so it’s not too hard to find other people who are introverted and into the same kinds of things that you are. These kinds of sites often use matchmaking, as well, which can automatically set the two of you up if your traits align well.