7 ‘Feel Good’ Movies To Lift Your Mood, From Dear Zindagi To 3 Idiots

It’s important to let you know from time to time that there is always a reason to be happy. No matter how hard it is to sail today, there is a seashore.

Life is better with a smile and when that smile is just a tap away, it is even better. Every impressive movie has its own charm, they varies from cuddly romantic, tear-jerking to eerie horror, edgy thrillers and hilarious melodrama. But, the rare gems are those which leave a lasting impact. These movies are categorised as “feel-good” movies because no matter how old they get, they are never stale. The script, dialogues, characters are written beautifully.

It’s weekend but the gloomy nights in winter and the covid pandemic coerce you to stay indoors. Before you nod making a scrunchy face, we’ve got the weekend officially sorted for you.
Here are 7 Indian movies that will lift your serotonin level instantly. You can either watch them alone or with a companion on the major OTT platforms.

7. Baadshah (1999)

Let’s start with the oldest one, Baadshah stars SRK, Twinkle in lead roles. Happy, sad, confused, bored – Baadshah is not just a movie, it is a mood. This epic movie never fails to make you laugh, no matter if you’ve already seen it more than a dozen times. In this comedy-action flick, SRK plays a private detective who saved multiple lives with hilarious twists and turns. His love interest (Seema) accompanies him in the whacky journey. The perfect dialogue delivery, interesting plot add to the…

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