5 Tips for using online dating to find a Catholic spouse

Are you hoping to find a spouse online? Don’t worry if you are — I’m not judging you. The internet is a powerful tool. Why not use it for something that matters? Finding someone to help you get to heaven through the sacrament of marriage is definitely something that matters. But, as with any tool, if you aren’t using it well, you may end up more frustrated and less married than when you started. So while you send messages and emojis and swipe left and right, here are some tips to keep in mind while looking for a Catholic spouse online. 

1 Meet up quickly

Don’t message for too long before meeting someone online in person. It is easy to build someone up in your head and create a false impression of them from messages or texts. If you are far away from each other, at least video chat as soon as possible to see what he or she is like as close to in person as you can get. You need to put the face and the hand gestures and the nervous tics to the name. The more you can get a sense of him or her in different situations, the better. 

2 Be upfront about your faith and morals

If you use a general dating app (one that’s not specifically Catholic), make it clear on your profile that your faith, and the morals coming from your faith, are important to you. For starters, it will save you from some dead end dates. And the more obvious it is that you are serious about what you believe, the higher your chances are of finding someone compatible. 

3 Do more work than…

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