10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Love

Finding the perfect love is important not only for a happy life but also for a healthy life so, it’s worth spending time and energy doing so.

Here are 10 tips for finding the perfect love:

1. Meet a lot of available single people. Some people are lucky to find the right mate in school (high school sweetheart) or in college but if you haven’t found the right mate by the time you graduate, what do you do?

The answer is to meet as many single potential mates as possible:

When the coronavirus pandemic is over, go to dances for single people and sign up for activities that you like.  In the meantime, join online dating services.  Michael Rosenfeld from the department of Sociology at Stanford University and colleagues show that “meeting online has become the most popular way couples meet, eclipsing meeting through friends”.

Online dating can allow you to discover a variety of people, most of whom you would never have met otherwise and the more people you meet the higher your chances are that you will find the right person for you.

Unfortunately, studies show that people on the internet can misrepresent themselves.  To uncover the fake, ask to meet in person very rapidly in a safe public place.  If the person refuses or postpones the meeting several times, the person is probably not what he or she claims to be.

When you finally meet the person, pay attention to what your body is feeling: Are you right away feeling at ease and attracted to the person (best…

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